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Water Testing
VanAire performs jar tests using a scaled down version of our dissolved air floatation technology. We have an experienced water testing staff of engineers that are available to jar test any application nationwide. Although the majority of our installations do not use chemical assistance, our personnel is skilled at testing varied water streams using coagulants, flocculants, polymers, and other water clarifying chemicals.

Pilot Studies
VanAire has several pilot DAFs located in the Midwest, Southeast, and West making pilot studies readily accessible. The pilot units are fully self-contained and can be used to draw off of a wastewater stream anywhere in a facility.

Delivery and Installation
VanAire coordinates delivery of DAFs to the installation site, like this 12 x 60 foot stainless steel clarifier. A VanAire technical crew arrives then arrives for immediate installation, equipment start-up, and training. It is often possible to have your DAF operational the same day it arrives.

Customer Service
VanAire offers superior customer service throughout North America, and we stand-by our product to ensure a satisfied customer. Our customers include some of the largest food processors in the world; meeting and exceeding their expectations when it comes to service, knowledge, dependability, and technology.

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