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Water Testing
Should you need a chemical regiment to treat your waste stream, VanAire's Technical Sales and Service personnel will work closely with your chemical provider to determine the best chemical regiment for your application. VanAire can recommend chemical providers, in your area, in those situations where a customer may not currently have a chemical provider. 

Pilot Studies
VanAire has mobile pilot units which are self-contained and house a complete dissolved air flotation system. These units are available for pilot testing your waste stream at your facility. Our pilot system can be delivered to your site within the continental United States and Canada. Contact VanAire for your pilot testing needs. 

For a video tour of our Pilot Trailer click here:

Delivery and Installation
VanAire can coordinate the delivery of our equipment to the installation site. A VanAire installation crew member can also install the equipment. VanAire's Technical Sales and Service personnel will perform startup of the equipment, optimize its performance and train your crew on maintenance and optimization.

Customer Service
VanAire offers superior customer service throughout North America and we stand-by our product to ensure a satisfied customer. Our customers include some of the largest food processors in the world; meeting and exceeding their expectations when it comes to service, knowledge, dependability and technology.

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