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Engineered Valve Automation Hardware

Engineered Valve Automation Hardware (EVAH) has been the core of VanAire since 1994.  We strive to set the industry benchmark and, due to our Engineering, Manufacturing and Quality capabilities, have been recognized across North America as the primary go-to source of many leading valve and actuator companies.
Often the mounting kit component of a valve assembly is considered trivial and thought of as a commodity item, or even an afterthought.  To the contrary, sources indicate that a primary reason valves fail prematurely is due to inadequate mounting hardware.
Engineered for Strength is much more than a catch phrase.  VanAire's experience, knowledge and engineering capabilities help ensure that the total automated valve assembly will withstand all known torques and loads carried during its predicted lifespan.
VanAire is committed to Continual Improvement. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification is a prime example of this commitment.  ISO 9001 is a road map VanAire is following to improve consistency in every aspect of our organization.
In addition to our engineering and quality commitment, VanAire also utilizes CNC machinery throughout our manufacturing process.  We house over 40 CNC machines in our 45,000 square foot facility.  These include Robotic welders, laser cutting system, machining centers, turning centers, press brakes, blind hole keyseaters, robotic machine tenders.
VanAire's main objective is to provide our customers with the very best in Quality, Design, and Delivery. Our goal is to be "your problem solvers". Please contact our team to discuss your unique application.  

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