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Core Customers and Products

Customer Commitment is one of VanAire’s Cornerstones of Success.  We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations in quality, delivery, and cost through understanding their needs and focusing on continuous improvement.
As part of this commitment and in accordance to our strategic growth plan, we have developed a definition of what we believe to be our core customer and product base.  This allows us to stay focused and continue to set the benchmark in the Engineered Valve Automation Hardware industry.
Core Customer and Product Definition:
  • Sells Automated Valve Packages for rotary valves
  • Their Corporate Vision has a strategic and aggressive approach to growth in Valve Automation
  • Understands the importance of differentiating themselves from their competition by selling high quality and adding value added services
  • Has at least a national presence or a reputation for being a leader in valve automation in their markets
  • Focuses on strong end user markets, e.g., oil and gas, power and mining
  • Values VanAire as a partner and values our engineering, expertise, knowledge, and technology

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