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VanAire’s Mission is to provide our employees an employment experience that contributes positively to their quality of life.
We will provide a safe, clean and healthy work environment where each employee is treated with courtesy and dignity.
We will provide long-term security to our employees by introducing products and concepts that contribute to long-term growth and profitability of the Company.
We will maximize the value of each employee’s contribution by utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques and automation.
We will encourage employees to grow professionally through life-long training and education.
We will encourage a “team” atmosphere, while treating employees as individuals, and recognizing and rewarding each for their contribution.

The Mission of VanAire, Inc. is to successfully engineer and manufacture products by fulfilling these four cornerstones of success:

Customer Commitment:
VanAire strives to exceed the customers’ expectations in quality, delivery, and cost through understanding their needs and focusing on continuous improvement to facilitate a meaningful long term relationship beyond business.

Employee Promise:
VanAire promotes a culture where empowered employees experience rewarding employment in a productive, stable, clean, and safe environment.

Financial Success:
VanAire ensures financial success by sensibly managing finances, charging an equitable price for products, and pursuing new markets to ensure the stability, growth, profitability, and long-term success of the Company.

Operational Excellence:
VanAire focuses on productivity, accountability, and product quality, while improving products continuously through the implementation of technology and employee education.

The employees of VanAire, Incorporated are committed to consistently exceeding our customer’s expectations through a Quality Management System that produces superior product and service. VanAire will fulfill this commitment by aggressively seeking ways for continual improvement and by involvement of an informed and well trained workforce while complying with regulatory requirements.

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